This Is Golden Age Audio

Professional microphones and studio hardware for the discerning musician and producer at a price that won’t make you blush.

The New Standard in Microphones and Studio Hardware

Character and quality matters. Our mission is to make the unique sound of classic studio hardware available to everyone. All those creating music, wherever they are based, will have the access to a full and exciting range of high quality creative tools.

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Our wide range of condenser, ribbon, & dynamic microphones offer you a wide tonal palette from vintage warmth to modern sheen.

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Enhance your sound with our true analog outboard hardware. Using only discrete components like resistors, capacitors and transistors.

Introducing Golden Age Premier

Our Golden Age Premier line offers high quality vintage style microphones and outboard gear created with a focus on detail.
Meticulously, hand built products with the finest components, exquisite design, produced in small batch productions meaning you get the best quality and sound.
These products are separate from our Golden Age Audio product line, hand made with high quality parts, and are subject to supply and demand. Check with your local dealer on availability.

About Golden Age Audio

Golden Age Audio was founded by Bo Medin and established itself as a groundbreaking company when it launched the first Neve preamp clone to the market in 2009. Since then the brand has become an established name in the industry and its product offering has expanded to include a whole family of outboards and microphones.

“Finally, Golden Age have blended great aesthetics with the fabulous sound and remarkable prices of their Neve-esque preamps. Excellentvalue for money, with high quality components and construction, masses of gain and headroom, and a great sound. Bo Medin´s best offering yet .”
-Hugh Robjohns, Sound on Sound , March 2019