Discover Golden Age Microphones

Explore the rich, full sounds of Golden Age Project Microphones.

Our Golden Age Project microphones offer a wealth of options. From our handmade Premier Series to hand-tuned ribbon mics, studio ready condensers, and dynamic microphones ready for broadcast and stage.

Premier Series Microphones

Premier Series is our top of the line, handcrafted microphones based on some of the greatest mics in history.
Handcrafted to exact spec, each microphone is meticulously created to every accurate detail.
Our Premier Series microphones capture the literal essence and every nuance from any source in stunning clarity and brilliance.

Condenser Microphones

Capture the full sound spectrum of any source with smooth transients and brilliant color and body with our line of condenser microphones.

Ribbon Microphones

Recapture the sound from the golden age of cinema and radio with our hand-tuned Golden Age Project Ribbon microphones. With robust body and warmth and hyper realistic transients, our ribbon mics offer a “feel like you’re there” vibe to any source.

Dynamic Microphones

Get the perfect take on any source with our dynamic microphones. Great sounding, durable, and perfect from the studio to the stage.

"I used my new GA-47 mic in the studio all week. It really was very crisp on vocals and even as a room mic. This mic showcases the versatility, and the company’s commitment to making a great product at an affordable price."
Dave Bendeth
Producer - Paramore, Bring Me The Horizon, and many more...