Golden Age Project Outboard Gear

Achieve True Vintage Tone

Build out the perfect channel strips with our Golden Age Project outboard hardware. All of your processing modules like preamps, equalizers, and compressors in half rack and 500 series sizes.
Using only discrete components, Golden Age Project outboard hardware is built the way audio components were intended, offering you amazing sound and tonal characteristics

Golden Age Premier
Outboard Hardware

Our top of the line Premier Series outboard hardware offers you a step up in quality and components for a true one-to-one clone of some of the most sought after gear in music production.


From smooth compression to that vintage snap, shape your transients and glue your mix together with our line of compressors.


Shape the perfect sound with vintage flair and tone with our line of equalizers based on some of the most classic pieces in history.


This is where tone begins. Good sound starts at the source and that is the microphone and it’s preamp.


Our line of official accessories from power supplies to rack kits and cables. Perfection additions to your Golden Age Project hardware.

"I used my new GA-47 mic in the studio all week. It really was very crisp on vocals and even as a room mic. This mic showcases the versatility, and the company’s commitment to making a great product at an affordable price."
Dave Bendeth
Producer - Paramore, Bring Me The Horizon, and many more...