Golden Age Project Condenser Mics

Achieve hit record sounds with our line of condenser mics. Perfect on any source from drums and guitars to vocals.

Our line of condenser microphones offer modern build quality and designs while remaining true to the classic sound and vibe of the greatest historical microphones priced for all levels of studios.


A warm-sounding, large capsule tube microphone with selectable, highpass filter and nine different polar patterns.


A dual-capsule condenser microphone offering a wide frequency response and a large dynamic range.


A small multi-capsule, true condenser microphone with transformerless discrete low noise class-A electronics.


A small capsule, transformer-less microphone featuring a 20 mm gold-sputtered diaphragm in cardioid pattern

FC-1 Microphone


True condenser mic with 26mm, 6um gold-sputtered,low distorsion capsule mounted on an effective internal shock mount.

"I used my new GA-47 mic in the studio all week. It really was very crisp on vocals and even as a room mic. This mic showcases the versatility, and the company’s commitment to making a great product at an affordable price."
Malcolm Bruce
Composer, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Malcolm Bruce has toured, performed, recorded and appeared on records with some of the biggest names in music