Introduce the Golden Age Project Premier Series Microphones

The Premier Series features the epitome of vintage microphones. Dripping with hit making tone found in the best music from the 1940’s to today.

Premier Series is our top of the line, handcrafted microphones based on some of the greatest mics in history.
Handcrafted to exact spec, each microphone is meticulously created to every accurate detail.
Our Premier Series microphones capture the literal essence and every nuance from any source in stunning clarity and brilliance.


Featured on more recordings in history than any other mic, the GA-47 is modeled after one of the most sought after microphones on the planet. Built by hand, fifty units at a time with high quality components to achieve the goal of offering classic tonal qualities.

GA-47 Extended MKII

The GA-47 Extended offers the same great tone as the GA-47 plus more! With a removable capsule head in the same format as the vintage U47 meaning you can use various Golden Age Project Heads on one mic. So many tones, one mic.


The GA ELA M 251E is a recreation one of the most iconic vintage tube microphones, considered by many as the most beautiful sounding microphone ever produced.


Our handmade GA-251 is modeled after one of the most eye catching, top workhorse mics. The GA-251 features small batch production models that have recreated the the tone, feel, and look of one of the greatest microphones, ever.


Get the sound heard on many of today's pop and urban tracks with the GA-800. An ultra low noise, tube condenser mic featuring the iconic internal cooling system.

Golden Age Premier R1A Ribbon Mic


The R1A is a vintage style ribbon microphone with active electronics using high end components such as a Lundahl 1927A transformer and Mogami cable.

“These Golden Age mics give me the variety and range I need for every situation. Great to have in my studio every day.“
Kevin Armstrong
Guitarist, Producer, Songwriter & Composer - David Bowie, Paul McCartney, Mick Jagger