Golden Age Project Compressors

Tame your tone, shape your transients, and bring out the best in every track with our Golden Age Project Compressors. Based on the classic 2A and 3A designs along with the amazing tone shaping 2254 style compressor.


An updated single-channel compressor based off of the famous LA-2A.


Single-channel compressor featuring everything you would expect from an LA-3A.

Comp-3A Jr

The little brother to the Comp-3A without compromising quality or size.

Comp-54 Mk III

Based off of the 2254, the Comp-54 is a vintage style, single channel compressor

500 Series

Comp-554 MK II

Targeting the vintage 2254 in 500 series format, featuring all discrete, class-A circuitry.

"I used my new GA-47 mic in the studio all week. It really was verycrisp on vocals and even as a room mic. This mic showcases theversatility, and the company’s commitment to making a great product at an affordable price."
Malcolm Bruce
Composer, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Malcolm Bruce has toured, performed, recorded and appeared on records with some of the biggest names in music